Love, Optimized

Guiding touch along an optimized bodily path.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – TouchTrainer

Problem Solved

The overhead lights are on auto-dim, and your partner is making advances. You hope their wayward hands can more accurately please you. At the same time, how can you know if your own hands are delivering more than approximate indulgence? As lovers flail to satisfy one another, a third party becomes urgently necessary.

The TouchTrainer is a navigation system for your hands across the terrain of your lover’s body, where the journey is just as critical as the destination. The built-in Corporal Positioning System (CPS) provides reliable directions, routing hands to locations pre-requested by each lover. Both participants now know precisely where their partners prefer to be touched—and how.

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Production info

This object is still confined within the laboratory. Follow us for updates.

Concept & Writing

Ernesto D. Morales

Shelly Ronen

Design & Illustration

Ernesto D. Morales

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Love, Optimized