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Signaling status with sophisticated personal drones.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – Ring Finger Spotlight

Problem Solved

In the wilderness of polite society, ring finger status is too often shrouded by circumstance. Poor lighting, strong drinks and heedless flirts cast shadows on the foundation of your commitment. Away from your partner, how can you draw undeniable attention to your symbol of devotion?

The Ring Finger Spotlight is a micro-drone with a mission: to illuminate and document the ring on your finger at all times—or, as circumstance will dictate, its absence. The device is a satellite accessory, hovering over your hand while you complete scheduled activities. Its everlasting ray of light bestows cinematic brilliance upon your finger, while adapting to the many lighting scenarios of your eclectic life.

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Production info

This object is still confined within the laboratory. Follow us for updates.

Concept & Writing

Ernesto D. Morales

Shelly Ronen

Design & Illustration

Ernesto D. Morales

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