Love, Optimized

Controlling couples’ access to home utilities in proportion to their acts of intimacy.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – Intimatum

Problem Solved

Now that you are fully merged with your partner, the daily grind dulls the spark of your young love. Quality time together is lost to looming deadlines and domestic logistics. Your smart home is ever-improving, but what to do within its walls without the intimate connection you once knew?

With the Intimatum (Intimate Utility Meter) your smart home becomes a stakeholder in your ongoing romance. The system administers your home services—from high-speed internet to basic drinking water—granting their access based on your intimacy frequency with your partner. Abundance of intimacy brings continuous utilities. Absence risks gradual shutdown.

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Production info

This object is still confined within the laboratory. Follow us for updates.

Concept & Writing

Ernesto D. Morales

Shelly Ronen

Design & Illustration

Ernesto D. Morales

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Love, Optimized