Love, Optimized

Having flirted with modern inconveniences,
Object Solutions broaches the most intimate realm
of human experience: love.

Love, Optimized envisions the high-tech future of romance – with a dark, satiric twist. Love becomes a seamless consumer experience, thanks to personal drones, intimate surveillance, sensual mapping and neuro-dating.

The experience includes a printed volume, as well as exhibitions, invent-it-yourself workshops, corporate keynote presentations, and one-on-one romantic consultations. Our expert guidance welcomes you into this optimized future, a life guided by high-tech solutions for every sign of unease.

Follow Object Solutions as we provoke pressing questions about consumption, intimacy and innovation.

—Ernesto D. Morales & Shelly Ronen

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Get the Book

The Love, Optimized book offers a comprehensive view of our future of love. Couples enjoy only the rewards of romance and none of its obstacles, having outsourced those to our laboratory. With each new obstacle, they need only obtain the designated Object Solution.

The inventions trace the prototypical path of intimacy we can soon expect:

Confirming compatibility with neuro-technology.

Guiding touch along an optimized bodily path.

Ring Finger Spotlight
Signaling status with sophisticated personal drones.

Controlling couples’ access to home utilities in proportion to their acts of intimacy.

The book is available in the Object Solutions Shop. Your purchase directly funds future Object Solutions projects, including more films, prototypes and books. Thanks for your support!

See the future in person

We create live experiences and invite visitors to immerse themselves in our world of problems, solved. See images and video from the launch, and read reviews from Vice Motherboard and Design Observer.

Exhibition • We display the blueprints for our romantic inventions, along with audio guides for a visit to the near future.

Presentation • We indoctrinate viewers in the Object Solutions lifestyle, where daily life becomes a delicate choreography of consumer experiences.

Consultation • We solve problems from the public on request, sending customers home with a blueprint for their romantic solution.


SXSW • Austin, March 10–19, 2017


MIT School of Architecture + Planning • Cambridge, Apr–May 2016
Galveston Art Center • Galveston, May–Sep 2016
MLA Subconference • Austin, Jan 2016

Bring out your inner inventor

We host design fiction workshops, where strangers pair up to invent their way out of love troubles. We guide participants in our mode of critical play, and their imagined futures are as funny as they are fearsome.

See what workshoppers have devised

A – Surveillant clothing and immersive dreams
B – Precoital pinpricks and the foul stench of breakups
C – Emotional dinnerware and connected underwear

Host a workshop

To find out more about hosting your own workshop, contact Ernesto.


Ulises • Philadelphia, March 18, 2017 • Sign Up


Galveston Arts Center • Galveston, May 2016
MLA Subconference • Austin, Jan 2016
Emergent Order • Austin, Dec 2016

See what others are saying

Design Observer • Object Solutions "skewers the seriousness with which contemporary consumers hope technology might solve emotional problems. It’s all very tempting to believe that one’s inner life might be made easier by external technologies. After all, we live in a world where IDEO recently peddled a Death app and Shape magazine is urging readers to send in saliva samples for genetically-tailored fitness advice. Why not employ products like those detailed in Love, Optimized?" —Victoria Solan

Vice MotherboardLove, Optimized, "which feels like a cross between a Rube Goldberg diagram and a Harlan Ellison hellscape, explores potential future technologies that might come to mediate sex and romance – with a touch of whimsy and dread." —Jon Christian

The Daily Beast • "Each Object Solutions pitch is wrapped in the sleek salesmanship and storytelling that a real company might employ. Morales does his part... to make these dystopian devices almost believable. But they’re also almost believable because they’re not all that far from the kinds of pitches that tech reporters like me get every day." —Rose Eveleth

InverseLove, Optimized "is taking the problems that arise at various stages of a relationship – like measuring someone’s interest or moving in together – and proposing hypothetical tech-based solutions. In essence, [they're] doing QA on the most complex UX of all.” —Yasmin Tayag

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About Object Solutions

Welcome to a world of problems, solved. Object Solutions wears the mask of a design consultancy that prescribes narratives of an optimized future. With a dose of dark humor, we dissect everyday challenges and propose technological solutions for each point of imperfection.