Object Solutions

Love, Optimized

Love, Optimized envisions the high-tech future of romance – with a dark, satiric twist. Love becomes a seamless consumer experience, thanks to personal drones, intimate surveillance, sensual mapping and neuro-dating. See more at objectsolutions.net/love

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – NeurAlign


Confirming compatibility with neuro-technology.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – TouchTrainer


Guiding touch along an optimized bodily path.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – Intimatum


Controlling couples’ access to home utilities in proportion to their acts of intimacy.

Object Solutions – Love, Optimized – Ring Finger Spotlight

Ring Finger Spotlight

Signaling status with sophisticated personal drones.

Premise: Love, Optimized

Object Solutions is the corporate entity that now serves as a third party in your ongoing affections. Having dissected the everyday challenges of intimacy, we propose tech-assisted solutions for each point of imperfection. Participating couples enjoy the rewards of romance, but none of its obstacles—having outsourced their complications to our institution. With each new obstacle, couples trust our guiding hand to provide the appropriate product.

The Home Itself

An exploration of improvement possibilities in the modern home.

Rotisserie Patio Table – Object Solutions – Thumb

Rotisserie Patio Table

A rotating outdoor table for balanced sun distribution.

Lint Investment System – Object Solutions – Thumb

Lint Investment

A clothing generator using accumulated dryer lint.

Premise: The Home Itself

In this series, we peer into the modern home and find ourselves surrounded by ignorant machines, which don’t yet anticipate our complex desires. Object Solutions arrive at the setting to correct this issue.