How to Design the Future of Love

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Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

We’re looking for people to host and partake in our new workshop series, Designing the Future of Love. Take a look below, and contact Ernesto or join our mailing list to jump aboard.

A Workshop of Problems, Solved

Perhaps you’re familiar with Object Solutions, your guides to an optimized future.

In our workshops, we invite participants to play laboratorians for the evening, envisioning the high-tech future of romantic relationships. Participants dissect romantic challenges and create their own Object Solutions to address them. In this imagined Future of Love, couples enjoy only the rewards of romance and none of its obstacles. Instead, they’ve outsourced their issues to our laboratory. With each new obstacle, they need only obtain the designated Object Solution.

Participants engage in our mode of critical play, and their imagined futures are clever, comic and chilling. Picture your romantic moments studded with surveillant clothing and precoital pinpricks.

The workshop experience examines the role technology plays in intimate settings. In today’s market, new products and services continue to breach the realm of relationships – from dating profile optimization to algorithmic divorce assistance. By putting more people at the design helm, we upturn this natural order: our future visions become a means of discussing potential realities before they get handed down to us. We engage in what designer Anthony Dunne calls “design for debate,” where we move “away from thinking about technological applications to technological implications.”

Design meets storytelling, play meets criticism, social practice meets speed dating – and together we meet the Future of Love.

All’s Fair in Love and Invention

Once you find your seats, we give a taste of how you can use design to rethink reality and engage debate. We present our recent romantic inventions and arm you with our design methodology.

Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

As with speed dating, you couple briefly with the person across from you and then rotate to the next partner. Each partnership receives a romantic challenge to solve. Your packet of materials helps spark your imagination and envision your final creations.

Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

When the buzzer goes off, you have thirty precious minutes together. How will you approach the challenges of finding a match, declaring love, introducing key stakeholders and committing for life?

After each person completes three rounds of invention, we gather in the Reception Area. All the ideas are on the wall, and it’s time to step back and discuss the future you’ve created. What does love look like when it’s administered by Object Solutions?

Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

See what participants have devised:

A – Surveillant clothing and immersive dreams
B – Precoital pinpricks and the foul stench of breakups
C – Emotional dinnerware and connected underwear

Ready to play laboratorian?

Contact Ernesto to set up a workshop in your area. Stay in the loop: Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Object Solutions

Welcome to a world of problems, solved. Object Solutions wears the mask of a design consultancy that prescribes narratives of an optimized future. With a dose of dark humor, we dissect everyday challenges and propose technological solutions for each point of imperfection.

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