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Project Launch! Designing the Future of Love

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Object Solutions Designing the Future of Love

Having flirted with modern inconveniences, Object Solutions is ready to broach the most intimate realm of human experience: love. In collaboration with Shelly Ronen, we’ll be making romantic inventions and films, and running speed-dating style invention workshops. Got anything you’d like us to solve? Drop problems upon our laboratorians. All’s fair in love and invention. Our upcoming collection pairs contemporary romance with unprecedented commodities. Troubles of long-distance intimacy vanish into a pile of gadgets and hardware. […]

Say Goodbye to the Seagull: Selling Fictional Products in Portland, Maine

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Object Solutions – Citydrift Portland – Seagull Substitute – Historic Engraver

Late last summer, I received a call from my dear friend Irina Skornyakova. She was one of the curators for Citydrift – a weekend of performances, art installations and ephemeral projects – in her home city of Portland, Maine. She asked if Object Solutions could play a part, presenting a set of “solutions for Portland.” I have always wanted to travel with the project and present the ideas to a live audience. Citydrift’s deadline being […]