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Podcast: Would you let a neuro-dating device determine your romantic future?

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Visit a future where machines make couples fall in love faster: Our NeurAlign invention is the subject of the excellent podcast Flash Forward, where host Rose Eveleth interviews us, and asks experts (a neuroscientist-artist and a dating podcaster) how feasible this future really is. The burning question: Would you try it? LISTEN HERE

Design Observer: Love, Optimized

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Written by Victoria Solan. Originally published on Design Observer. The scene is familiar: a fourth-floor gallery, darkened, save for beams of light projected on art objects. Nearby, a film loop depicts young artists seriously contemplating their conceptual distance from a crew of Soviet janitors. The audience is earnest and bespectacled. In the jubilant tones of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Shelly Ronen introduces Love, Optimized, a coordinated series of sensors and apps designed to enhance human […]

Motherboard: Wedding Ring Drones, Intimacy Meters, and Other Future Visions of Romance

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Written by Jon Christian. Originally published on Vice Motherboard. Electrodes that attach to your skull to evaluate your compatibility with a potential mate. A personal drone that hovers nearby and shines a spotlight on your wedding band (in “flaunt mode,” it circles your ring finger using “twelve dramatic flyover techniques”). A smart home system that encourages closeness by rationing out internet access and drinking water depending on how much intimate time you’ve spent with your […]

The Daily Beast: What if ‘The Onion’ Made Drones and Sex Toys?

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Love, Optimized / Press

The future of love is emerging. Rose Eveleth takes our latest Object Solutions for a spin. Find out just how near our inventions veer to reality. Written by Rose Eveleth. Originally published on the Daily Beast. Object Solutions is a dark, satirical take on the world of product development. When it comes to technology, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish reality from parody. Was Peeple, the “Yelp for people” app, a joke or real? […]

Motherboard: Electric Shock Pajamas (and Other Hypothetical Sleep Solutions)

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A Perfect Slumber / Press

Written by Rachel Pick. Originally published on Motherboard. “Welcome to a world of problems, solved.” This is the cultlike slogan of Object Solutions, a “fictional design” studio that provides hyper-specific solutions to everyday annoyances. Headed by artist and designer Ernesto Morales, Object Solutions doesn’t actually mass-produce its inventions, but uses them to prove a satirical point about the design world’s constant reach to solve problems with objects—problems we could solve perfectly well on our own. As […]

PSFK: Sleep Your Way to a Restful Future with These Devices

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A Perfect Slumber / Press
Sleep Achievement Medal

Written by Ido Lechner. Originally published on PSFK. Object Solutions’ fictitious line of ‘sleepware’ redefines how we spend one-third of our not-so-waking life Following the trend of hyper-specialized assistive tech products, A Perfect Slumber is a fictitious invention series for the modern sleeper by Object Solutions. Though nonexistent, the dreamy line features a set of tools that ‘maximize a sleeper’s potential rest.’ The modern sleeper will not shut an eye without careful assistance of her assistive […]

Inverse: Pills, data and displays could be the future of romance

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Object Solutions on Inverse

The next realm we’re taking this Object Solutions world is romantic relationships. We’ll depict our future love lives full of technology, imagining the ways surveillance, big data, augmented reality, and more, will permeate our most intimate connections. As usual, the inventions will be a darkly humorous, all the more because they resemble reality. (The only issue, the more we research, is that reality gets weirder faster.) Why do this? This reflection from Yasmin Tayag, written after our long-distance breakfast conversation, delves in. Just one correction: We’re not trying […]

Folio Interview: What is Object Solutions anyway?

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Object Solutions on Folio

When I first met my friend Manuel Samayoa Salas, a design writer at Folio, we were at an ATEA a rooftop event in Mexico City. I had just begun a long-term stay in the city, where I was discovering a thriving art and design community. Object Solutions was still just a verbal idea at the time, and I was its traveling voice box. I recited the scripts for inventions like the Magnifying Spoon for anyone […]

Motherboard: Here’s Where to Find a Full-Body Moist Towelette

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Object Solutions on Motherboard (Vice)

I had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Ben Richmond of Vice’s Motherboard, who put together the thoughtful piece below. Written by Ben Richmond. Originally published on Motherboard. Object Solutions’s website makes the company look like it’s the unsurprising nexus of TED Talks and infomercials; the phrase “Welcome to a world of problems, solved,” could be a slogan for a company selling almost anything. In this case, though, it’s the slogan of a company selling […]

Core77: Curious Products for Everyday Problems

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Object Solutions on Core 77

Written by Sam Dunne. Originally published on Core77. The modern world is pretty hell-bent on eradicating even the slightest hints of inconvenience from our lowly existence. At the slightest sign of consumer discomfort or “user friction,” any number of production lines or Kickstarter campaigns can be fired up or launched to conquer the nuisances of the everyday. If there’s not an app for that, then there’s a product. With a critical eye on this branch […]