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Between the Public and Its Privates

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Object Solutions – MLA Subconference

See you in January, Austin! We’re bringing our project, Designing the Future of Love, to the third annual MLA Subconference: Between the Public and Its Privates, in partnership with Punctum Books. What are we doing, exactly? We’re debuting our new romantic inventions (sneak a peek below), and we’re hosting our first invention workshop, putting you at the helm of our “world of problems, solved.” Best of all, it’s free to register – and your gracious donation to the crowdfund will help put it all […]

Project Launch! Designing the Future of Love

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Object Solutions Designing the Future of Love

Having flirted with modern inconveniences, Object Solutions is ready to broach the most intimate realm of human experience: love. In collaboration with Shelly Ronen, we’ll be making romantic inventions and films, and running speed-dating style invention workshops. Got anything you’d like us to solve? Drop problems upon our laboratorians. All’s fair in love and invention. Our upcoming collection pairs contemporary romance with unprecedented commodities. Troubles of long-distance intimacy vanish into a pile of gadgets and hardware. […]

Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass

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Object Solutions - Magnifying Spoon - Keep It Glassy 2

Our Magnifying Spoon is on exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass! The show is Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass. Wish we could be there – it sounds awesome. Time Out Shanghai highlights the Magnifying Spoon in their review: “The exhibition oscillates between the practical and the poetic… Ernesto D. Morales’ Magnifying Spoon addresses hygiene by enabling users to ascertain whether what they’re eating is clean and safe.” Are we being practical […]

Grand Opening: Object Solutions Shop

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Object Solutions Shop Grand Opening

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Object Solutions Shop, where you can find our Full-Body Moist Towels – individually or in gift boxes. The demo video gives a rundown of the Full-Body Moist Towel experience. Your purchase directly funds our future projects, including more films, more prototypes and an upcoming book. Thanks for your support! As for the Magnifying Spoon, I am speaking with larger scale manufacturers. Artisans in Mexico City handcrafted the […]