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Love, Optimized at MIT

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In April and May, 2016, we launched Love, Optimized at the MIT Keller Gallery, as part of “The Contingent Space of Work,” curated by Nisa Ari and Christianna Bonin. Seventy-five souls poured into the opening reception, and our very own Shelly Ronen, Chief Scientific Officer, immersed the audience in the Object Solutions vision (see video above). “Our broader goal is to turn life into a delicate choreography of specialized inventions.” To see all the works from the show, take home […]

Design Observer: Love, Optimized

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Written by Victoria Solan. Originally published on Design Observer. The scene is familiar: a fourth-floor gallery, darkened, save for beams of light projected on art objects. Nearby, a film loop depicts young artists seriously contemplating their conceptual distance from a crew of Soviet janitors. The audience is earnest and bespectacled. In the jubilant tones of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Shelly Ronen introduces Love, Optimized, a coordinated series of sensors and apps designed to enhance human […]

How to Design the Future of Love

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Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

We’re looking for people to host and partake in our new workshop series, Designing the Future of Love. Take a look below, and contact Ernesto or join our mailing list to jump aboard. A Workshop of Problems, Solved Perhaps you’re familiar with Object Solutions, your guides to an optimized future. In our workshops, we invite participants to play laboratorians for the evening, envisioning the high-tech future of romantic relationships. Participants dissect romantic challenges and create their own Object Solutions to address them. In […]

Between the Public and Its Privates

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Object Solutions – MLA Subconference

See you in January, Austin! We’re bringing our project, Designing the Future of Love, to the third annual MLA Subconference: Between the Public and Its Privates, in partnership with Punctum Books. What are we doing, exactly? We’re debuting our new romantic inventions (sneak a peek below), and we’re hosting our first invention workshop, putting you at the helm of our “world of problems, solved.” Best of all, it’s free to register – and your gracious donation to the crowdfund will help put it all […]