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Podcast: Would you let a neuro-dating device determine your romantic future?

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Visit a future where machines make couples fall in love faster: Our NeurAlign invention is the subject of the excellent podcast Flash Forward, where host Rose Eveleth interviews us, and asks experts (a neuroscientist-artist and a dating podcaster) how feasible this future really is. The burning question: Would you try it? LISTEN HERE

Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass

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Object Solutions - Magnifying Spoon - Keep It Glassy 2

Our Magnifying Spoon is on exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass! The show is Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass. Wish we could be there – it sounds awesome. Time Out Shanghai highlights the Magnifying Spoon in their review: “The exhibition oscillates between the practical and the poetic… Ernesto D. Morales’ Magnifying Spoon addresses hygiene by enabling users to ascertain whether what they’re eating is clean and safe.” Are we being practical […]

Say Goodbye to the Seagull: Selling Fictional Products in Portland, Maine

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Object Solutions – Citydrift Portland – Seagull Substitute – Historic Engraver

Late last summer, I received a call from my dear friend Irina Skornyakova. She was one of the curators for Citydrift – a weekend of performances, art installations and ephemeral projects – in her home city of Portland, Maine. She asked if Object Solutions could play a part, presenting a set of “solutions for Portland.” I have always wanted to travel with the project and present the ideas to a live audience. Citydrift’s deadline being […]

Grand Opening: Object Solutions Shop

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Object Solutions Shop Grand Opening

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Object Solutions Shop, where you can find our Full-Body Moist Towels – individually or in gift boxes. The demo video gives a rundown of the Full-Body Moist Towel experience. Your purchase directly funds our future projects, including more films, more prototypes and an upcoming book. Thanks for your support! As for the Magnifying Spoon, I am speaking with larger scale manufacturers. Artisans in Mexico City handcrafted the […]

Motherboard: Here’s Where to Find a Full-Body Moist Towelette

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Object Solutions on Motherboard (Vice)

I had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Ben Richmond of Vice’s Motherboard, who put together the thoughtful piece below. Written by Ben Richmond. Originally published on Motherboard. Object Solutions’s website makes the company look like it’s the unsurprising nexus of TED Talks and infomercials; the phrase “Welcome to a world of problems, solved,” could be a slogan for a company selling almost anything. In this case, though, it’s the slogan of a company selling […]

Core77: Curious Products for Everyday Problems

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Object Solutions on Core 77

Written by Sam Dunne. Originally published on Core77. The modern world is pretty hell-bent on eradicating even the slightest hints of inconvenience from our lowly existence. At the slightest sign of consumer discomfort or “user friction,” any number of production lines or Kickstarter campaigns can be fired up or launched to conquer the nuisances of the everyday. If there’s not an app for that, then there’s a product. With a critical eye on this branch […]