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Love, Optimized at MIT

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In April and May, 2016, we launched Love, Optimized at the MIT Keller Gallery, as part of “The Contingent Space of Work,” curated by Nisa Ari and Christianna Bonin. Seventy-five souls poured into the opening reception, and our very own Shelly Ronen, Chief Scientific Officer, immersed the audience in the Object Solutions vision (see video above). “Our broader goal is to turn life into a delicate choreography of specialized inventions.” To see all the works from the show, take home […]

Design Observer: Love, Optimized

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Written by Victoria Solan. Originally published on Design Observer. The scene is familiar: a fourth-floor gallery, darkened, save for beams of light projected on art objects. Nearby, a film loop depicts young artists seriously contemplating their conceptual distance from a crew of Soviet janitors. The audience is earnest and bespectacled. In the jubilant tones of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Shelly Ronen introduces Love, Optimized, a coordinated series of sensors and apps designed to enhance human […]

Motherboard: Wedding Ring Drones, Intimacy Meters, and Other Future Visions of Romance

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Written by Jon Christian. Originally published on Vice Motherboard. Electrodes that attach to your skull to evaluate your compatibility with a potential mate. A personal drone that hovers nearby and shines a spotlight on your wedding band (in “flaunt mode,” it circles your ring finger using “twelve dramatic flyover techniques”). A smart home system that encourages closeness by rationing out internet access and drinking water depending on how much intimate time you’ve spent with your […]

Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass

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Object Solutions - Magnifying Spoon - Keep It Glassy 2

Our Magnifying Spoon is on exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass! The show is Keep it Glassy 2: Forming a Future in Glass. Wish we could be there – it sounds awesome. Time Out Shanghai highlights the Magnifying Spoon in their review: “The exhibition oscillates between the practical and the poetic… Ernesto D. Morales’ Magnifying Spoon addresses hygiene by enabling users to ascertain whether what they’re eating is clean and safe.” Are we being practical […]

Say Goodbye to the Seagull: Selling Fictional Products in Portland, Maine

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Object Solutions – Citydrift Portland – Seagull Substitute – Historic Engraver

Late last summer, I received a call from my dear friend Irina Skornyakova. She was one of the curators for Citydrift – a weekend of performances, art installations and ephemeral projects – in her home city of Portland, Maine. She asked if Object Solutions could play a part, presenting a set of “solutions for Portland.” I have always wanted to travel with the project and present the ideas to a live audience. Citydrift’s deadline being […]