Month: April 2016

Design Observer: Love, Optimized

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Written by Victoria Solan. Originally published on Design Observer. The scene is familiar: a fourth-floor gallery, darkened, save for beams of light projected on art objects. Nearby, a film loop depicts young artists seriously contemplating their conceptual distance from a crew of Soviet janitors. The audience is earnest and bespectacled. In the jubilant tones of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Shelly Ronen introduces Love, Optimized, a coordinated series of sensors and apps designed to enhance human […]

Motherboard: Wedding Ring Drones, Intimacy Meters, and Other Future Visions of Romance

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Written by Jon Christian. Originally published on Vice Motherboard. Electrodes that attach to your skull to evaluate your compatibility with a potential mate. A personal drone that hovers nearby and shines a spotlight on your wedding band (in “flaunt mode,” it circles your ring finger using “twelve dramatic flyover techniques”). A smart home system that encourages closeness by rationing out internet access and drinking water depending on how much intimate time you’ve spent with your […]