Month: March 2016

The Daily Beast: What if ‘The Onion’ Made Drones and Sex Toys?

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Love, Optimized / Press

The future of love is emerging. Rose Eveleth takes our latest Object Solutions for a spin. Find out just how near our inventions veer to reality. Written by Rose Eveleth. Originally published on the Daily Beast. Object Solutions is a dark, satirical take on the world of product development. When it comes to technology, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish reality from parody. Was Peeple, the “Yelp for people” app, a joke or real? […]

Objects of Affection: Inventions from our workshops, Episode 3

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Love, Optimized / Workshops
Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

Love × Design × Play At our design fiction workshops, strangers pair up to invent their way out of love troubles. It’s a creative card game: You partner up and brainstorm inventions to solve everyday love troubles. You draw up a quick blueprint, and you post it on the wall so we can all imagine the future of love – optimized. These are a few of creations from workshops, including emotional dinnerware, connected underwear, and third-party romantic approval. […]