Month: December 2015

How to Design the Future of Love

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Object Solutions – Designing the Future of Love – Workshop

We’re looking for people to host and partake in our new workshop series, Designing the Future of Love. Take a look below, and contact Ernesto or join our mailing list to jump aboard. A Workshop of Problems, Solved Perhaps you’re familiar with Object Solutions, your guides to an optimized future. In our workshops, we invite participants to play laboratorians for the evening, envisioning the high-tech future of romantic relationships. Participants dissect romantic challenges and create their own Object Solutions to address them. In […]

Tools for Romantic Invention

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Love, Optimized / Workshops

At our workshops, Designing the Future of Love, participants are coupled to solve romantic challenges by inventing their own Object Solutions. They receive this special package to guide their experience. They answer an Intimate Question to break the ice. They review their Romantic Challenge and discuss it in their own terms. They draw up potential Object Solutions, using the Vision Cards to spark their imaginations. When ready, they describe and draw their solution on the Invention Form, […]